OculusGo KioskMode

This application is aimed at customizing the oculus go startup process to use these devices within exhibitions. It disables the store and overwrites the welcome screen. So the user only has acces to one predefined application.

It is implemented as a minimal android launcher that executes your application as soon as the Oculus Go has finished booting. Then, as you look inside and press the volume button, your application will focus again or restart if necessary.

The key feature is a custom overlay (.jpg image file) to hide and override the default "Enter VR" welcome screen.

OculusGoKioskMode.exe installer for Windows


Payment with Paypal.
Receive download link after payment.
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Download Demo
Fully functional, but includes a watermark.

Pricing & Licensing

You can run multiple devices with one license. If you setup the OculusGos as a service for a third party, we would like you to purchase a KioskMode for each third party customer.


  • Setup your Oculus Go and activate developer mode
    from the oculus mobile app.
  • Connect the Go with your computer via USB
  • Put on your headset and grab the remote
  • Accept "Allow USB debuging" "Always from this computer"
  • Accept "Allow access to data".
  • Enable "do not disturb" in the oculus settings panel
  • Go back to your computer
  • Download and open OculusGoKioskMode.exe
  • Click "Search", and wait for the detection of the Oculus Go
  • As soon as you Go is found, click "Install" and wait.
  • AFTER a sucessfull installation you can choose your app by package.name and a custom overlay image and press "Apply" (You can install your app inside the "Manage Apps" section)

Help and Tips

Disable Wlan
  • Open "Utilities" Tab and use the "Show Android Settings" button.
  • Disable Wlan inside your android settings, visible on your Oculus Go
Uninstall KioskMode >= 12212018
  • Open "Utilities" Tab and click "Uninstall KioskMode" button.
Factory reset (Uninstall KioskMode < 12212018)
  • Long press power and volume down
  • Select factory reset volume up/down
  • Apply with power button
Sideload an application to Oculus Go from "Manage Apps" tab
  • Click "Search" and wait till your Oculus Go is found.
  • From "Manage Apps" tab click "Select" and choose your .apk
  • Click "Install" and wait for the completion
Where is my installed application?

All installed third party apps should be listed in the "Package" dopdown menu. Add and remove new Apps from the "Manage Apps" tab.


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